Thoughts for New Bloggers

Good morning and happy monday everyone!!

I’ll be honest, it’s been over a week since I’ve posted on here. Life has been busy and I have put my efforts into a few other things that I felt were maybe more important. I haven’t had the audience that I was expecting when I started this blog and I’ll admit, I got a little down about it. I originally started this blog for ME because I wanted to have a place to vent, a place to connect with other people, and a place to fire up some new ideas to inspire and empower other people. I don’t seem to be doing any of that and I’m into my second month with the blog already.

Let me also say, thank you to those who have been following and reading and giving me feedback, I APPRECIATE THAT! And if I have helped even ONE person, that is fantastic! But, I am and have always been somewhat of an “over-achiever”. It doesn’t matter what I do, I always have the mentality that I want to do it the best….probably slightly unhealthy I know. What that means though as far as this blog is concerned is that while I am doing it for my own self-medicating purposes mental health-wise; I also THRIVE off of seeing it be of any use to others!

So how can I do that?

Well here’s how I can try:

I’m going to try to be more diligent in posting consistently so that those of you who DO follow me actually have something NEW to read when you visit! I would like to continue to post organically when I feel an issue is pertinent but in order to post more regularly, I can post some shorter tidbits here and there as well.

Lately, I have posted a few videos on social media (facebook/twitter/instagram) and have received really great feedback on those so that is something I would love to keep doing as well. It seems that people really relate to honesty and genuine conversation (who knew?!) so there is plenty more where that came from and I’m happy to share!

Also, I am part of a few Facebook groups that have been a tremendous support system for me. You guys, I had NO IDEA until a few weeks ago what a huge collaboration of groups there were on Facebook! Before starting a blog and trying out some other income avenues from home…I never would have devoted any time to chatting with strangers in a group setting like that. I didn’t see the value of it. After joining a few groups that were SO welcoming and interacting with the women in those groups, it’s so crazy to think I was completely missing out on an enormous opportunity to project my life forward! If you’ve never joined and participated in Facebook groups I would highly recommend it! Here’s my take on it: Finding the right Facebook groups is like finding the right pair of jeans; try lots of different ones, walk around in them for awhile (participate/add to the discussion) and find one that makes you feel like a BOMB-ASS B!! If you go into the groups with the intention to build others up and celebrate their accomplishments then I guarantee it will come back to you ten-fold!! You get back what you put out!

I am day by day dipping my feet into working from home and finding a right fit for what I want to do and this is just a means to navigate my way through all that. Any support I can get is wonderful but it’s mostly about the journey to get there!

I challenge you to share your thoughts if you are considering starting up your own business from home or if you are a new blogger as well! I would love to have a conversation about your ideas/goals and dreams!!

Thanks for reading, and if nobody told you today…you might want to look in the mirror….you’ve got a little bit of bad-ass on your face! 😉