Work. Play. Enjoy. Trust.

Well, it’s Monday again…not that I have anything against Mondays considering I have been a stay-at-home-mom for the past 3 years on and off (but mostly on). I am just surprised it’s Monday because here I am making a post and it’s a WEEK since I made the last one! What is going on?

I could tell you that I just didn’t have time to put it shortly, but that’s not exactly the truth…

Anyone who has ever tried to get you motivated to do something will tell you that time is what you make it. In other words, you have all the time in the world to do what you want/need to do; you just have to MAKE room for it. So saying that I haven’t had the time is a bit of a lie. We all have the same amount of hours in the day and none of us know how many hours we have to live and breathe this air so think about whether you’re making it count!

So I guess a better question is WHY didn’t I FIND the time? Why did I cruise around on Facebook for a few countless hours or watch YouTube videos instead of putting some effort into this?

Well….because I lost focus mostly.

I can’t help it, I get so excited about new ideas and ventures and then I quickly lose interest once the hype wears off. I have to admit, I DO try. I research the sh*t out of anything and everything I’m interested in. If there are areas of my life I want to work on, I pride myself on the effort I put forth to make those changes but only if I keep my focus. That’s the thing though, it’s easy to focus when you can see the prize. It’s easy to focus when you believe in yourself and open your mind up to change. It’s easy to focus when you have all of the resources you need and plenty of coffee! It’s hard though when you don’t have any of those things. That’s where the real challenge comes into play. Can you still win a game when you are not invested in it? The answer to that question is simple. No. If you really WANT something, you have to try to win in SPITE of not having the resources, in SPITE of not seeing the prize and in SPITE of not believing you can. Sometimes….you even have to do it without coffee and that’s the hardest challenge of all!!

What I’m trying to say here is that no matter what it is that you’re trying to do you can’t give up just because you lose focus. It didn’t die; it’s not gone forever. You can get it back.

Re-evaluate your goals. Do it as many times as you have to in order for the picture to become clearer. Think of enhancing a picture in order to see all the little details. It’s all blurry at first and you can’t make anything out and it’s all crazy and your brain just wants to make sense of everything so you don’t freak out. But you keep enhancing it and more and more details start to become clearer and clearer until you can finally put into words exactly what you’re seeing. It’s the same when thinking about your goals. You may have to “enhance” a billion times before it is clear to you what you should be doing, but on that billionth time you will say “THAT’S IT!”.

And in the meantime?

You work…and play…and enjoy…and trust.

Work on yourself, work at your job (even if you hate it) so that you can provide a lifeline for those dreams and goals you have.

Play with you kids, or tap into your own inner child. Playing is one of the most creative outlets you can utilize and you probably don’t do it enough (I know I don’t!)

Enjoy the life you have right now. Even if it could be better just remember it could also be worse. Enjoy the good days and embrace the bad ones because without the bad ones we would never know the good ones were good!

Finally, trust yourself. You have to be your own superhero in life. You have to save your own day. Believing you can do something is one of the toughest things to convince yourself of sometimes but it’s the first step in getting anything done. Trust that you were put on this planet for a REASON and it wasn’t to sit around feeling sorry for yourself.

Now, to take my own advice? That is even more difficult!! But I’m going to try!

Thanks for reading, like and share if you enjoyed this post and I hope to be making the TIME to post again soon!

Have a wonderful day everyone!! 🙂