Using Haters to Raise You Up

Alright, I just need to vent some negativity out of my system so that I can move forward without it clouding up my vision…

As most of you know, I am totally new to blogging.

I had never set up a website until about a week and half ago.

I don’t know what the hell I’m doing!

Scratch that….I KNOW what I’m doing, I just don’t know HOW to do it. And contrary to popular belief (apparently?) that’s not okay. Not for everyone anyway. It has been brought to my realization that SOME people believe that if they know how to do something…then you should too. Those people are called assholes.

That’s as much attention as I will give them in this post.

Back to me (and YOU if you’re still reading!)…we know what we’re doing, we just don’t know how to get there most of the time and unless you were born into success and have had everything in life either done FOR you or handed TO you then you are like everyone else and you have had to BUILD. I am a builder. More than that, I am the bricks that I use to build my life with. I am a brick freakin house that I built myself guys. When I want something, I do not stop. If I stop then I didn’t want it bad enough. If I want something bad enough, I won’t let a single thing get in my way to get there. I try not to let things “get in my way” but try instead to USE them.

I use them for motivation.

I use them for experience.

I use them to hold up the strong pillars of my life.

I use them as a foundation to throw some damn concrete on and lay down some bomb ass shiny hardwood floors on top of! And you should too!

Do I ever make mistakes when I’m getting to where I want to be? ABSOLUTELY! That’s the only way to get there. Trial and error. If you don’t try, you fail by default (I’m pretty sure J.K. Rowling said that and she knows what she’s talking about people!)

My point is, there are going to be people who try to drag you down. There will be hurt feelings. Defeat WILL pull at your pant-leg like a sleepy 3 year old telling you to “LISTEN TO ME!” but, like a 3 year old, give it a rest and it will quiet down. Now, I’m not saying you should never pay attention to your kids…you totally should…or you will end up with black permanent marker all over your microfiber couch (I’m still not quite over that one). What I’m saying though, is that you should not entertain your feelings of defeat for more than a few minutes.

Learn from whatever experience brought you down and USE it to move forward. Always find the lesson in everything. Maybe the lesson is that you need to work harder, maybe you need to re-route, maybe you need to seek out advice from someone who is in the same boat as you but there is ALWAYS a lesson that can be learned from any bad experience. Figure out the lesson and MOVE ON with the knowledge that you gained from it!

Thank you for letting me vent and maybe some of you are going through the same type of situation in your life. Whatever you might be going through I hope that you too can learn and grow from it. Get to building that life that you dream of and let the haters be your foundation that you build up from!

4 thoughts on “Using Haters to Raise You Up”

  1. Defeat. God. I needed this today. Obviously, I’m best at getting really good jobs and losing them. That’s what I do. I just had a talk with ethan about how scared I am to get another job and fail AGAIN. Then this afternoon I was napping and I dreamt about my last job and how much I loved it and asking for the job back. Sometimes it’s so hard to learn the lessons and it just comes down to Karma. I’ve lost just about as many jobs that I DIDN’T deserve to lose than I did now. I’m petrified to go back to work and lose ANOTHER job and fail myself and my family all over again. My brick’s have been a little more durable lately and my foundation is stickin pretty damn good and I’m just waiting for it to crumble again. I have realized that the person dragging me down most is myself. Not the haters, just me. And “just letting it go and moving forward” is damn near impossible when I am so hard on myself.

    1. I completely understand about being the person who drags you down the most. That is hard because you are always with YOU lol. But that’s when you use yourself, ya know? As hard as you work to convince yourself you don’t deserve something, you have to work even harder to convince yourself that you DO. It’s a cycle that is hard to break…but you can. You are already doing so much better than you have before and you know that. When you hear that voice in your head that says “you can’t do this” you just say “listen up f**ker, I have already and I WILL again!” lol

  2. i just wanted to say i’ve enjoyed reading your posts, keep it up . Anything worth doing is worth doing with everything you’ve got so give em hell and win won for the skipper.

    1. haha! THANK YOU MATT! I don’t have any plans on quitting that’s for sure! I appreciate the support I’ve been getting and as much as I can hear my own voice in my posts…it would be a lot harder if it weren’t for people like you reaching out an encouraging hand. You ROCK!

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