SUPER fun stress-relief excercise!

Stressed out about something?

Me too…most of us probably are. Coffee seems to help…

An occasional donut as well…

Oh and wine!

I also like to take mindless quizzes to find out “What kind of cookie I am” or what my child’s “potty personality” is (that’s really a thing guys, I didn’t make it up!)

I’ll wait til you’re done googling it.

Finished? Ok cool!

So we can agree that quizzes can be really fun (and really ridiculous) and a great way to relieve stress and just unwind from your problems for a few minutes.

What I’m posting isn’t a quiz but rather an exercise for your mind.

How is this going to helpful for you? Well, it will help to take your mind away from any struggles going on in your life at the moment. It will be fun (and probably funny to anyone you might share it with) and when you’re doing something fun it will trigger your body will release endorphins that make you feel happier. Lastly, it stands a good chance to help you see your life a little clearer which is the most helpful for you if you’re going through any kind of stress. It should bring to light all of the things you love and encourage you to nurture yourself and your dreams.

So here we go!

There are 10 questions and you just…answer them!

That’s not quite all though…what makes this exercise super fun is that you have to answer the questions by drawing a picture of the answer. No words. Be as creative as you want! Take as much time or as little as you want! So grab a pen/pencil/crayons/markers whatever you like and start drawing!

Here are the questions, have fun!

1. 3 Things you love about yourself.

2. Your favorite outfit (either one you have already or what your favorite outfit would be if you have all the money in the world to buy whatever you wanted!)

3. How does your favorite song make you feel?

4. A guilty pleasure of yours (thing could be anything!)

5. Your favorite kind of tree.

6. The most beautiful couch you can imagine (yep. Just draw a couch you would love to come home to)

7. If money/time were no obstacle, what would you do today?

8. If you had to teach a room full of people how to do something, what would you want to teach them?

9. Your favorite smell.

10. If you could create a new type of flower, what would it look like?

I hope you try this out today and that it helps you to find some simple truths within yourself that you maybe didn’t know were there..and at the very least I just hope you enjoyed the post! Happy exercising!

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