You CAN do this: How to Kick Depression and Anxiety In the Teeth!

YOU are the boss of your life. YOU have the power within you to change the composition of your mind and YOU fight to do it every day. I know you. I am you. I want to help you by sharing some of my “moves” that have made it possible for me to type this to you now. You’re a fighter and that bell is about to ring…..stay in the match.

Maybe you don’t think you’re a fighter. I KNOW you are. You wouldn’t still be reading this if you weren’t. That’s all you have to do right now….just keep reading. I know you have “moves” of your own for getting through depression and anxiety but maybe you need some fresh ones? Am I right? That’s why I’m going to give you mine! Yep, you don’t even have to give them back, they’re all yours! The best part is, THEY WORK! Get your gloves on and put your head down, we are fighting this bi*** TODAY!!

You’re STILL here which means you WANT to fight and you got in the ring and for that I am proud of you. Now that you’re ready, here are some moves to help you out. The goal is to get THROUGH the fight. That doesn’t always mean you will come out unscathed. There are bruises along the way. There are teeth marks and scratches. There is blood. There are scars. But you will still be here. That’s the most important thing to fight for. Yourself. Your life. So here we go! Ding-ding-ding!

Round 1: SPEAK UP. Look your depression/anxiety in the eyes and get. in. it’s. face. Tell it that you will destroy it and it doesn’t have a chance against you. Think about it: if you were actually fighting somone you would puff up your chest and put your hands up by your cheeks. You’re a human. You have an innate impulse to protect yourself. You won’t sit back while something tries to harm you. Even if you don’t believe in yourself at this point, just pretend. Just say the words (out loud if you need to!) “I CAN BEAT THIS” and you will start to believe them.

Round 2: TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. I know. This seems impossible when you feel so down that you can’t even get out of bed. I understand. I do. This step is about giving in to those emotions and finding productive ways to embrace them. I do this a number of ways and you can too. The best part is, you don’t even have to leave your bed if you don’t want to. Get online, grab a book, connect with someone (even anonymously). Self help I feel is one of the best ways to take care of….well, yourself! There are hundreds of forums available online and tons of books on the subject of depression/anxiety. Find something that resonates with you. I spent my last birthday at home connecting with people on a depression forum. I felt really low….I cried. But you know what? That was the best place for me in that moment. Those people were all there doing the SAME THING and it was more comforting than I can tell you in words. I got more “happy birthdays” than I would have otherwise and I laughed (like real laughter) at myself for thinking it was silly to begin with….and then I cried more. Happy tears though. The point is that it is NEVER a bad idea to reach out to people and get help. Ever.

Start with a self-help book that grabs your interest and you will actually be likely to READ (such as this one!)

Round 3: TAKE A RISK. This one is the “eye of the tiger” moment in the fight. Maybe you’re winning, maybe not, maybe you’re tired and sore and don’t know what else to do. Maybe you’re running out of steam or you’re just out of ideas. Take a risk. Do something that scares you or is a little out of your comfort zone. Have you been holding yourself back from something? Do you want to go back to school but you’re scared you might fail? Is there a project you want to start working on but you think it will be overwhelming? Is there someone who keeps trying to connect with you and you keep pushing them away? Jump in. This step is the hardest part and it won’t be easy but if you do it….if you jump in….nobody can take that away from you.


We went to the pool recently with a bunch of family. My oldest nephew (7 years old) cannot swim. Like he legit was practicing holding his breath under water that same day. He decided he was going to jump off the diving board knowing full well that he could drown. He did it anyway (lifeguard was right there waiting if she needed to go in after him guys). He did it though!! He did it even though he was scared. He did it even though it was going to be uncomfortable. He did it even though everyone was WATCHING! More importantly, he didn’t drown. He is alive and he is stronger for it.

Round 4: SHARE YOUR STORY. Your story is the most useful tool that you possess. Pass that story on and you are also passing on a multitude of knowledge to someone else. You don’t think you’re qualified to do that? You’re alive aren’t you? Then you’re qualified. YOU have very specific skills because you’re the only person who has lived your life and you’re around to teach those skills to someone who may be going through the same life events. Share your story. It is relieving to get it off your chest and it is comforting for others to feel less alone.

Round 5: JOIN AN ARMY. I’m being literal, but not in the way that you think I am. Stay with me. It is so important to fight your fight and get your life back. It might be a battle that you have to face every day. A lot of other people are fighting the same fight. My advice? Fight right next to them. When you feel ready, join an army in your own community. They are there and they need all the force they can find. Ask around or do some research to find a way to help people in your city who are going through the same things as you. They may not have the tools. They may not have the knowledge. They may not have the experience or strength. You DO….and you CAN do this!!!

If you’re interested in suicide prevention you should check out this site which has started an amazing project/campain. This is a great resource I came across and is totally worth checking out!

Please remember you are NOT alone and you can always reach out to a crisis center. Here are a few options from their page.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255

Trans lifeline at 1-877-565-8860

There are also options for chatting:

Lifeline crisis chat and Crisis text line

I am happy you’re still here. Keep fighting.


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  1. I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU!!!! I love you that you’re doing this, I love what an amazing writer you are, I love your heart, your kind little spirit and I love that God I let me have you for a sister! This is the best, most informative, helpful, most well put together article I’ve ever read in my life! I’m so proud of you sissy! And thank you, I know I needed this TO-DAY!!

    1. I love you too! I hope you didn’t mind I mentioned Bray!! I love doing this and it’s so easy for me to do right here at home! It’s amazing! It’s going to be a lot of work but It’s work that I don’t have to feel guilty about! Love you sister!!! I’m glad it helped you if you needed to read it today :))

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